Artist Collab 2016: Pt. III


Collaborating with other artists is always a joy. This is the last of the three-part series (here’s I, II).
When hair stylist Wyatt Strand (@hairdonebywyatt ) contacted me to do a shoot, I was all for it! But here’s the thing: I do self-portraits mainly for my blog. I received news there was going to be a makeup artist coming along as well and realized self-portraits outside or in the corner of my basement bedroom would simply not do. So I sent out the feelers on Facebook, asking for a photographer who was available for the set day and who might have a studio available. Enter Michael Lerch ( @mwlerch ). He’s a relatively new artist with a fine art and writing background whom I’ve modeled for a few times before. His skills improve each time he shoots. Before the actual shoot date, I had no idea who the makeup artist was — it turned out to be the incredible Haley Wight ( @cosmobyhaley, she is so talented and such a lovely person ). Both of the artists who worked on my head met at the Aveda Institute in Portland. They’re quite the delightful and gifted duo!






Thrifting is worth the effort. To successfully thrift, you have to have a never-ending curiosity, a certain degree of optimism, and lots of determination.
This vintage 1970’s witchy dress was a great find for $7.
Since it’s such a stunning and simple, yet fancy dress, Wyatt and I decided that a sleeker look should be called for. He attached some hair extensions that made me miss having long hair… if only my hair could be so silky. He also added a “v” part on the crown of my head as a homage to the “v” in Fashion Vedge. I brought netting to vintage things up and add a little more texture to the outfit.
Haley and I thought a smoky — slightly rosy — eye elevated the look, bringing it to a timeless quality where it could be from any century.
Michael added dramatic lights and a victorian couch to complete the whole look. The overall feeling is somewhat similar to the silent movie era.

  • Next post, I’ll address my most recent — and LAST — rebranding with all the info I can think of on what it means since I’ve changed my social accounts to Avant Vedge. (You may or may not have noticed my absence from blogging — but next time I’ll explain why I had to take a break! Stay tuned!)

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