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Happiest New Year’s Wishes to you all!
This outfit was kind of an excuse to use my new vegan makeup from Sephora. I’ve been using Lush’s (vegan) Color Supplement as foundation for years now, which is absolutely stellar for everyday wear, but still not quite the coverage I wanted for a full face of makeup. I figured since my last pot of Color Supplement expired in November, it was time to try a fuller coverage foundation — especially if I’m mostly wearing makeup on special occasions or photo shoots. (More on this in a future post about feminism.)













So I don’t wear makeup often. The only thing I (usually) do to my face before going out is add some eyebrow pencil from the amazing, wonderful vegan company Zuzu Luxe. Zuzu’s Cream Brow Pencil is the best brow pencil I’ve ever tried — it lasts forever and has a brush on the other side of the pencil to blend the lines further into real-looking enhancement. It’s specially formulated to go on and stay natural-looking. I’m still growing my dang eyebrows out from when I used to pluck the edges so I could achieve Natalie Portman /  Audrey Hepburn eyebrows that were thick and straight like some sort of half Vulcan. This pencil is the only thing that I feel makes me look really put together instead of looking too #iwokeuplikethis.
I think I also found my true skin mate: Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Foundation. It was only a few years ago that Sephora came out with skin shade technology to match people’s color “easily.” Yeah, I didn’t fare too well — I was too white for any brand. It was insane; I thought about buying actual white-colored Manic Panic foundation. So maybe there are lighter colors now or I’m just not as pale anymore — I may never know — but I’m glad to find something that works and is vegan! It’s so moisturizing for my combination skin and feels light for the coverage it achieves. I’ve had similar problems with concealer and found a Josie Moran color stick that’s infused with argan oil so it blends perfectly into my skin. But I always make sure I use Arbonne’s Primer before putting any makeup on to blend (thanks, ma!).
The very dedicated Sephora employees helping me locate all the vegan items I was searching for introduced me to Bite Beauty Cosmetics. Bite’s cosmetics are actually food grade quality (good to know for the impending West Coast insane earthquake, ha). I wanted to give the Luminous Creme lipstick a try since it’s supposed to be so moisturizing and I have a tough time with my lips drying out. But we found it to be a real challenge to find products without beeswax. Cava, the color I’m featuring in the photos above, was represented to me as one of the few without beeswax by two employees. I get overwhelmed easily at Sephora, so I took them at their word. It sucks admitting this… I’m pretty sore since I double-checked after my happy photoshoot for this post and found it did, indeed, have beeswax. Talk about disappointing. Looks like I’ll be heading back to return it for some Kat Von D… I just might write to Bite to beg them to rid themselves of beeswax soon so we vegans can get in on their products! Lesson learned: always, always look at the ingredients myself. (Follow me on Instagram for more details on beeswax.)
The same day I made a pilgrimage to Sephora, fellow vegan Kat Von D‘s Tattoo Eyeliner was out of stock. I heard so many wonderful things about it and was bummed when I heard they were sold out. Then I was made aware of the beautiful limited edition version of her tattoo liner which donates to the California Wildlife Center that rescues and rehabilitates sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife. Supporting that cause was a no-brainer. Kat Von D, what a top-notch gal. Someday I’ll have more of her makeup. For now, I use eyeshadow from an ELF palette and ELF Mascara — gotta be a cheap vegan sometimes.
As for the clothes I’m wearing, the faux fur black hat was fashioned using a collar that was once attached to a jacket I bought quite a long time ago. The black velvet choker is from Amazon. And the black bell sleeve ’70’s maxi polyester dress is from Goodwill — for $7! I added the giant vegan black knit scarf to play up the transparency of the dress sleeves…and to add warmth! It’s been quite literally freezing lately in Portland.
There are so many things I’m excited to share this upcoming year. I wish you only the best! Thank you again for your support — it really means a lot.
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