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Check out my latest interview with the lovely Genesy from thestudyofi.com ♡
In the article, I respond to: what I do & why I love it, what makes me study who I am, and how much of myself shows in my work. 

The Study of I mission is to empower and liberate the individual through fashion. Our goal is to encourage self reflection and be a platform for self expression. We not only dare and encourage you to be you, but the very best of yourself.”
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Amanda Hatheway

Vegan since 2011; artist and nerd since birth in 1990; portrait photographer; friendly and silly yet distinguished introvert; feminist and philosophical soul; partial to felines; hopes to help as many as possible with the truth about animals and what our actions means for all of us; plans to create a chic, ethical, all-vegan boutique in Portland that is as much about eternal style as it is about ethics.

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