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Alex and I renovated our space and I moved in. It was a surprisingly intense project but the transformation has been outrageous – if we do say so ourselves. Also, I’ve been the managing editor and administrator full-time for an entertainment website for about three months now – which has been marvelous. The downside to all this (major) positive change was that I was practically forced to take a month off of blogging. Now life has slowed down in adjustments, I definitely plan to post more often.Black and white. Yeah, not much has changed, has it? This black and white purse from Ms. Little’s Bag is not only the finest purse I own, it’s vegan AND I can fit my Macbook Air in it! The purse is so wonderfully made, it looks and feels beautiful.

Speaking of computers, did I mention I stare at a screen for nine hours straight, four days a week, reading and writing for my job? I truly love it, but I get pretty burnt out on it all by the evening when I’m back at home (which was another obstacle against bogging). But I have a trick that’s allowed my eyes to get through the day mostly un-irritated, Polette E-Ferguson glasses. They’re specially made to help reduce eyestrain from the harsh blue light of computer and phone screens. These glasses have saved me! My regular days are often tech-tech-tech, so I quite enjoy feeling safer when I wear these smart, techno light shields so I don’t have to worry too much about the repercussions. (Or am I the only one that worries about those things?)
With such a fine, eye-catching bag, I didn’t want my outfit to distract too much from it. A lace Peter Pan collared shirt tucked into a pencil skirt. The black and white vintage pumps I’ve had since high school also directly complimented the purse. It was a harmony of monochrome and different textures.


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