Touch of Grey

Camel, grey and black just look ohsofine together. This outfit, I wanted to add some slightly colored neutrals to my usual all-black attire to spice things up a bit. It’s amazing how little embellishments can have a big impact. The asymmetrical position of the collars together make the perfect frame for my unique bolo-style necklace.

This Peyton Layering Necklace is a buttery soft grey rope with a rhinestone cylinder that keeps a knot together with simple silver tips at the end. I’m not a very flashy chic, I usually prefer minimal jewelry so I was a little unsure about the sparkle on this item — I’m happy to report I have been pleasantly surprised. Not only is this necklace malleable and vegan but it provides the option of dressing up or down an outfit. It can be simple (as with this outfit) or it can be a statement; it’s completely wonderful and unique. And it (or whatever your wishlist desires) can be yours at a discounted price when you enter the promo code “Styleynn” at checkout for 25% off your purchase with The Shopping Bag.  (Pro tip: their accessories are especially fantastic. Follow their FB, Pintrest, TwitterTumblr and Instagram)

Though these boots were a vintage find at Goodwill (a.k.a., not available anymore — I tried to find them for you guys — boo). How amazing and unique are these? With their chunky block heel with a pointy toe, I’ve never seen such a beautiful bootie (pun intended). I wanted to show them off even more with my lightly spotted black socks, so I rolled up the hem a bit. I’m kinda short, so sometimes rolling up the hem can work against me, but in this case the tall heel balances and elongates my leg with all the black.

The overall effect? You tell me!  :)

Photos: Alex Baumann / Edits: Ammalynn
Copyright: Amanda Hatheway, 2015   


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