Look at the picture below. Remember it. Then come back up here. And now you can continue reading the below paragraphs.  ;)

I’ve had this dress since 2012. Over that time, my style has obviously changed (the picture below is from when I first got it; illustrating a different version of myself and the dress). Only recently, my inspiration has really come from myself, rather than others around me. You could say I was a little undecided as to what my fashion identity was back then. Though I say that now, I wonder if I’ll ever really, truly know my fashion identity; one never can know. The dress was bright and floral the day I took the self-portrait for my account on Lookbook.nu (and has since been taken down because it doesn’t reflect my style anymore).Though it was years ago, apart from the sunglasses (so sad they broke, but at least it was due to a phenomenal hug from my dear friend after 8 months when she was in France), I still have everything pictured…welll, except the orange lipstick.

You see where I’m going with this: I dyed the dress recently. It fit too well for me to try selling it. My goal was to make it a solid black (because, duh, it’s me), but, alas, a deep blue set in over the floral pattern. The dress became muted and agrees with my style much better now. But, admittedly, I’m not too sure I’ll wear it out much, as I’m more apt to keep it in my separate photoshoot wardrobe.

In the above self-portraits with the darker version of the dress, I wanted to balance out the darkness with something a little extra, which turned out to be the detachable white lace collar. But to prevent the outfit from looking tooo darling, instead of adding cat-eye sunglasses, I added 1970s pink aviators. The sandals were a tossup between the two extremes – gotta love versatility. Overall, the outfit became whimsical which complimented my surroundings. Everyone enjoys a little magic (‘cept the Dursleys).
The turning of the seasons over the years brings many changes, I’m curious to see what continues to progress. How have your style evolutions transpired? When you change, do you still hold onto old things or start as new as you can?


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